Cypress.Health Healthcare staffing

Records & Financial Management

A trained assistant to handle incoming and outgoing faxes and other online (non-voice) documents.

As a small practice, attracting and retaining staff has been a challenge. Cypress virtual assistance helped me manage my faxes and referrals.

Director - Covenant Women's Health

Fax Queue

Manage faxes queue, Label documents and attach to the patient's chart, Forward them to appropriate staff.

Incoming Referrals

Manage incoming online, fax and email referrals from primary care physician offices. Create patients in the EMR and enter lab values if required.

Incoming Results

Manage incoming lab and imaging results from external vendors. If required, enter lab results into the patient chart. Attach to the patient chart and mark for the physician review.

Eligibility verifications & Estimations

Verify eligibility online through payor portals. Estimate patient responsibility to be collected at the time of the visit.

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