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How Ready Are You to Conduct Interviews?

conduct interviews

Interviewees come armed and prepared for their interviews. On the other hand, do you feel prepared to interview candidates? After the interview, do you feel like you have concrete information to move forward or reject a candidate? Do you know how to spot red flags and how to identify top talent? Are you communicating the […]

4 Steps to Hiring Top Medical Assistant Talent

medical assistant

The importance of a good medical assistant is unparalleled for your healthcare business. A medical assistant can help you save time, and effort, making the other processes less daunting. However, many healthcare practices fail to find a perfect medical assistant. Finding a good medical assistant or receptionist is challenging for several reasons: Despite these, it […]

5 Ways to Find a Medical Assistant Within 3 Days 

medical assistant

The role of a medical assistant often remains overlooked, despite their importance in helping a medical facility run smoothly. They play an invaluable service in the healthcare setting as they are often the first figures patients see when they enter the healthcare clinic. However, finding a good Medical Assistant is becoming harder. While some have […]